Saturday, October 9, 2010

Differences Between Arabs and Americans…

In what is to become surely one of many, I would like to post right now about an observation I had at work today. I was standing there, minding my own business when I overheard two belligerent overweight loudmouths begin to argue over who’s cars were better for NASCAR, Ford or Chevy. It got almost to the point of blows it seems, until the one guy’s wife (imagine that he had a wife) pulled him away (Ford guy), thus making him the defacto loser of the whole pointless argument. That’s when it occurred to me; NASCAR arguments were to Americans as religious arguments are to Islamic fundies. See, a lot of people don’t understand that the whole schism of Sunni vs. Shi’a Muslims has to do with who each sect thought should run the joint after Muhammed died in 632 A.D. (yeah, 1300+ years of bullshit over this- I know!) Sunni’s believe it should have been some dude named “Abu Bakr” and Shi’as believe it should have been “Ali”. There is a lot more minutiae to it as well, but the fundamental reasoning comes to “My guy is better than his guy!” which is akin to Bubba and Billy Ray discussing who’s car is better, Ford or Chevy. While the whole Ford/Chevy thing is much more current than something that happened over 1300 years ago, both arguments are essentially pointless and futile. Sometimes the Ford wins, sometimes the Chevy wins, sometimes the Dodge wins (Sufi Muslims? I dunno) and sometimes the Toyota wins. Sometimes a Sunni will kill his enemies, sometimes a Shi’a will, sometimes a Sufi will, sometimes a foreigner comes out of the bunch and kills his enemies (yeah, I just likened the USA to Toyota. Sue me). I don’t have the answer, but its my opinion that the whole mess could be solved with the repeal of the presidential order banning assassination. Let our S.E.A.L teams go in there and knock off a few Imams and Clerics that are annoying, leave a message that says “pick someone thats not a douchebag like Imam Massengill or we’ll be back!” and see if they can get it right. While they are at it, let the other S.E.A.L teams go after anyone with a mullet and a bad case of NASCAR wardrobe-itis.

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