Friday, January 28, 2011

Slo-mo is bullshit.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand brings new meaning to the overuse of CGI (especially on blood) and the overuse of slo-mo (like every time a weapon moves). Why the fuck is Slo-mo so goddamn trendy now in action things? In the Matrix, it was an interesting mechanic for illustrating the bullet-dodge (at first), but since then...

 I mean I saw this one copish action flick and every time someone fired a bullet time nearly freakin stopped.  It's just retarded.  Yes, they're fighting.  Yes it's impressive.  But I don't need to see one split-second punch stretched out over the course of a minute or two.  Maybe if it's the extra-dramatic ending punch where the hero becomes the victor.  Then, sure.

I'm also left wondering how long some of these movies would be without the slo-mo and if maybe it's just a lazy-ass way to extend the play-length.

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MRanthrope said...

I just saw an episode of Spartacus: God of the Arena (i think thats the name)..yeah, special effects /slow mo all over the place....but lots of naked chicks, including XENA so that was alright.